New products

Polished dome tip Stainless steel Guide Rod for glock 19 23 32 38

Best looking Guide for a Glock 19 gen3 or P80 custom build.

Made in USA

Stainless steel Guide Rod for glock 19 23 32 38

Short tip stainless guide rod not only looks good it allows for more front end clearance.

Made in USA

6mm ARC ejection port cover

Hottest caliber

Made in USA

Tools for Sig P320

Pilot pin alignment punch set for SIG SAUER P320

3mm and 4mm set will work with many models

Made in USA

Best Selling upper vise block set

Safest method to hold an upper for barrel nut removal

Made in USA

for reloaders tired of plastic ammo trays

9MM Ammo Reloading Block machined out of aluminum bar stock. You want the best, here it is.

Made in USA

.223 aluminum reloading block. not everyone has one of these

.223 / 5.56 Ammo Reloading Block machined from solid aluminum bar stock, this is the best you are going to get.

Made in USA

USA Flag and 300 AAC  Ejection port  cover Sling Lead Ejection Port Dust Cover Gas Block Tube Roll Pin Punch Set .078 dia.
.308 Upper Vise Block and Barrel Removal System 450 Bush Master Ejection Port Dust Cover 3 Ball end decapping pin upgrade for Lee  90783 / 90292
POW MIA and 300 Blackout ejection port cover .300 Blackout Ejection port  cover .223 Coyote Ejection port  cover