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4" V Groove Soft Jaws White 4" Aluminum Barrel Vise Jaw Pads Vise Jaw Pad Fixture for Glock and 1911 Slides
    Machined out of special NON-Marking polymer, these jaws are 100% made in America. They are 4" wide Soft jaws and designed for light duty holding without damaging surface finishes.
    4" Aluminum "U" channel barrel vise jaw pads will hold upto 3/4" diameter barrel or shaft and smallest is .4" diameter.
    100% made in America
Jaw Pad Fixture for Glock and 1911 Slides
Barrel and Tube vise  gunsmithing tool
High quality aluminum vise with a spring loaded top half.
Includes special protective material.
Certified manufactured in the USA.
1/2 " to 1 1/2" capacity