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308 installation tool .308 Upper Vise Block and Barrel Removal System
308 Detent pin and spring installation tool
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $9.95
Simple and easy pin installation when using our 308 detent pin and spring tool. Larger knob helps by providing additional torque when installing stubborn detent pins. Made from alloy steel and 100% Made in USA, this includes material and labor.

Our 308 barrel removal system is the best way to remove or install a barrel, using one hand you can

easily clamp the upper in a vise. Be sure to remove the pins before using it for barrel

removal because the upper must make full contact with aluminum block. Additionally, the

barrel nut end must be within the width of the jaw pads, this is to prevent the upper from

twisting and deforming. The aluminum upper block is rigid and prevents the lower from

being twisted while the hardwood block protects the top rail from damage. A hardwood

top rail protector / jaw pad is the best material since it has a very high compressive

strength and will not compress under a heavy load that is present when you are torqueing

down the barrel nut or trying to loosen a very stubborn one.

100% Made in USA, materials and labor!!