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Micro Finish Muzzle Crown Lapping tools
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Works in any 1/4 or larger drill chuck.

To get a really smooth crown use a different grit
compound for each lap tool. This is important because
the compound embeds itself into the brass, so if you
just used 220 grit and use the same tool with 600 grit for
a micro fine finish forget it. The large 220 grit
particles are embedded into the brass so you will
never get a good micro finish. Use a fresh lap for
each grit as you step down for the best results, then
mark them for future use.

These are only used for finish work after the crown
is cut to dimension with a steel cutter.

This is a consumable item so expect wear, they
are made from brass
Our aluminum muzzle crown lapping tools are a cost effective solution to brass. You can lap the crown by stepping down in grit size and use a different lap for each grit. This is the best method to avoid contamination that will waste your time while trying to achieve a true micro finish.