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4 prong front sight tool 223 Gas Tube Alignment Gage Pin 308 installation tool
308 Detent pin and spring installation tool
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $9.95
Fits all sights that require a 4 pin tool.
100% Made in USA, this includes material and labor.
Alloy steel with black oxide finish.
Squirrel Daddy's gas tube alignment gage makes barrel nut alignment so much easier, it takes the guess work out of tightening the nut. Simple and easy pin installation when using our 308 detent pin and spring tool. Larger knob helps by providing additional torque when installing stubborn detent pins. Made from alloy steel and 100% Made in USA, this includes material and labor.
4" V Groove Soft Jaws White .154 Diameter Pilot Test Pins Stainless.154 Diameter Pilot Test Pins
    Machined out of special NON-Marking polymer, these jaws are 100% made in America. They are 4" wide Soft jaws and designed for light duty holding without damaging surface finishes.
Tapered end .154 diameter pins make a sometimes frustrating alignment simpler, Stainless tapered end .154 diameter pins make a sometimes frustrating alignment simpler,
Pro Takedown  Disassembly Tool for Glock channel liner removal tool AR Lower  Vise Block
3/32" Stainless Ball end punch
Pin setter on handle
Works with all models of Glock that use a channel liner
Hold your AR receiver securely in the vise without damage. This lower vise block has magazine latches on both sides so the lower vise block can be installed from the top or bottom. Precisioin machined in the USA from a solid block of high density plastic gives it a good fit, durable and will not scratch your receiver. You can hold a "bare" receiver because it has a machined workstop on the side. Another nice feature is the rifle with bolt installed can be held in a vise, just snap the vise block in like you would a magazine and its good to go.
Stainless anti walk .154" pin set 15-22 for Glock front sight tool stainless 3/16" magazine plate removal tool
Squirrel Daddy Stainless Anti Walk Screw Type Pins .154" for 15-22
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $12.95
Save $12.00!
Squirrel Daddy .154" anti walk pin set for 15-22 Made in USA 3/16" hex front sight removal and installation tool
Magazine base / floor plate removal tool
AR Trigger pull & hammer test block Squirrel Daddy Muzzle Wear Gage .22LR channel liner tool
  • Test your trigger pull or work on the assembly without damage to the receiver
  • Made in the USA
  • Snap block absorbs the shock from the hammer
  • Use this with our Lower vise block
  • Precision machined from a solid for an accurate and safe fit
Precision machined in the USA for a good fit, this ensures your AR15 / M16 lower reciever will be protected from hammer damage. Trigger block is held in place by the forward take down pin and installs quickly. Made to work with our lower reciever vise block so you can work on the trigger while the receiver is secured in vise. Receiver, lower vise block and vise shown in additional pictures is for demonstration only and not included.
Muzzle wear gauge for .22LR and .22 short
Permanent Laser Markings indicate +, Nom., - tolerance

Fits all Glock models channel liner installation tool
for Glock armorers tools Mag plate tool for Glock AR 15 Lower Vise Block Made in USA
3/32" Ball end punch and 3/16" hex front sight removal tool combo
3/32" ball end takedown punch and mag floor plate removal tool combo
Made in America from USA manufactured HDPE
Lower vise block R3.0 white M1 Garand gas cylinder wrench .308 LR Style Lower Vise Block
M1 Garand Gas Cylinder Wrench
List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $17.95
Save $22.00!
Squirrel Daddy's lower vise block release 3.0 is an newer version of our best selling lower block. It still remains 100% made in America and machined from a solid block of special formula NON-Marking polymer. Magazine lock is on the top of both sides of the block so you can flip the receiver over with out having to remove the block from the vise. With our design only the bottom half will get marked up from serrated vise jaws while leaving the top in perfect condition. An American made tool for an iconic rifle like the M1 Garand is the only way to go.  Our wrench is machined from solid block of 3/8" thick aluminum then anodized black. Overall length is 7" Safely hold your LR Style .308 Rifle in a bench vise.
Only fits the more popular LR Style, this will not fit 10's
100% Made in the USA
Machined from a solid block for long service life and a good fit
Made from special high strength NON-Marking polymer
Resists gun cleaning solvents

FYI: LR style is like the DPMS .308 lower

4" Aluminum Barrel Vise Jaw Pads Aluminum upper vise block 223 Squirrel Daddy AR Style Aluminum Upper Vise Block model 223
    4" Aluminum "U" channel barrel vise jaw pads will hold upto 3/4" diameter barrel or shaft and smallest is .4" diameter.
    100% made in America
Made in USA. Highest quality and the lowest price for an upper receiver vise block made from solid aluminum. Highest quality and the lowest price for an upper receiver vise block made from solid aluminum. Made in USA
Lower vise block M&P 15-22 White Squirrel Daddy Muzzle Wear Gage .30 Caliber for M1 Garand & Carbine Gas Block Tube Roll Pin Punch Set .078 dia.
Specifically designed for the popular M&P 15-22 . Our lower vise block is 100% American made and machined from a solid block of special formula NON-Marking polymer. Fisher Gauge muzzle wear gauge for M1 Garand, M1 Carbine or any other .30 caliber rifle barrel.
Measures from .300" to .303" diameter very simply and quickly.
100% made in USA from stainless steel with direct reading permanently laser etched markings.

Typically, when it gets up to .303" diameter its pretty well worn out, less than that depends
on how picky you are. Gage reads .30 on the handle and segments indicate last two
digits, for example .30 + 15 = .3015 diameter.
Set of 3 purpose built punches for removal and installation of gas block tube pins.
.308 Upper Vise Block and Barrel Removal System AR Style Aluminum Upper and Lower  Vise for Glock armorers 3 piece tool set

Our 308 barrel removal system is the best way to remove or install a barrel, using one hand you can

easily clamp the upper in a vise. Be sure to remove the pins before using it for barrel

removal because the upper must make full contact with aluminum block. Additionally, the

barrel nut end must be within the width of the jaw pads, this is to prevent the upper from

twisting and deforming. The aluminum upper block is rigid and prevents the lower from

being twisted while the hardwood block protects the top rail from damage. A hardwood

top rail protector / jaw pad is the best material since it has a very high compressive

strength and will not compress under a heavy load that is present when you are torqueing

down the barrel nut or trying to loosen a very stubborn one.

100% Made in USA, materials and labor!!

  • Combo discount price includes 1 Lower and 1 Aluminum Upper vise block
  • Made in the USA
  • Lower Block will work with or without magazine latch installed
  • Upper block is machined from a solid block of aluminum for strength and precision fit
  • Works on delta ring or free float style uppers
Magazine lock is on both side of the lower block so it will lock going into the top or through the bottom. It also has a rigid stop so a "bare" receiver can be held in a vise without sliding down and hitting the metal vise jaws.

3/32" Ball end punch and 3/16" hex front sight removal tool combo