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Our prices on the squirreldaddy.com website are significantly lower than on the online marketplaces. The online selling platforms have raised the fees up so much along with all negativity on those sites we had to raise our prices on the items sold on their space. We cannot avoid doing that, however on our space I do what I want to do.

That means being fair to those loyal to us.

Squirrel Daddy does not follow the big tech culture that takes advantage of others. We are doing our best to keep prices low and can only do that by selling direct from our website.

Summer is just around the corner and this year is going to be a great one.

Best Regards and thank you very much for your support.

Fred Fisher, President

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Ejection port dust cover 6.8 SPC 300 Blackout and Feral Hog  Ejection port  cover Stainless anti walk .154" pin set
Rigid Mount Brass Splitting  300 Blackout Case Cutter Jig Big .50 Game Over  ejection port cover magazine plate removal tool
Woolly Mammoth tusk handle knife State of Texas and .223 / 5.56  Ejection Port Cover USA Flag and 300 AAC  Ejection port  cover

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Alignment Pilot Punch Set for Glock

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Our Price: $9.95
Glock alignment punch
Works with all models of Glock

Top Sellers

Flat Drive Lathe Belt Heavy duty 5 ply 2" wide
Our Price: $68.95
Atlas lathe Flat drive lathe belt 1 inch wide
Our Price: $28.95
Vise Block for Glock 19
Our Price: $19.95
Guide Rod for Gen 3 Glock
Our Price: $15.95
AR Style Buffer pad
Our Price: $8.99

New Products

Glock Back Plate with Besty Ross USA Flag
Our Price: $13.95
USA made field points 5/16" by 90 grain
Our Price: $20.95
USA made 19/64" by 125 grain blunt field points
Our Price: $20.95
USA made field points 5/16" by 125 grain
Our Price: $20.95
USA made 19/64" by 100 grain blunt field points
Our Price: $9.95